Does your body feel a bit broken? This firm massage uses tension-releasing techniques to mend your aches and pains, release knots in your muscles, remove toxins, and increase circulation.
60 minutes £40.00, 90 minutes £60.00.


Need some me time to relax and ease your tension? This treatment uses effleurage - long, slow strokes, kneading - relaxes muscle fibres, and wringing - sooths aches and pains.  Also beneficial for stress, depression and anxiety.  
60 minutes £40.00, 90 minutes £60.00.


Do you have an injury - it does not need to be sports related? Or are you preparing for an event? This treatment uses a variety of techniques such as deep tissue massage, friction to repair muscles, stationary pressure for knots, stretching for flexibility, lymph drainage to reduce swelling and hot/cold therapy. 
60 minutes £45.00.


Are your bodies organs and systems out of synch? Do you need to reboot your body, relax and restore your energy? This treatment stimulates reflex points of the feet which correspond to organs and systems of the body.  Great for hormonal, digestive, and stress related problems.  60 minutes £40.00, 90 minutes £60.00.


Are in need of blissful relaxation? This treatment uses warm smooth stones to glide over your body. The warmth sinks deep into your tired aching body easing out any tension and providing enhanced relaxation.

60 minutes £40.00, 90 minutes £60.00.


Do you feel that you need to reduce excess fluid and/or toxins in your body?  This is a light circular massage focussing on the lymphatic system which removes waste and helps fights infection. This is ideal if you have a sedentary lifestyle, are elderly, or had surgery (gain permission from your surgeon). 
60 minutes £40.00, 90 minutes £60.00.


Is your pregnancy causing you back pain, swelling, fatigue, insomnia, etc? Pregnancy massage eases tension, drains excess fluid, and relaxes the mind, body and spirit. Pregnancy reflexology can target problems such as acid reflux, and sluggish digestion.  You must be past your first trimester (12 weeks).  
60 minutes £40.00.


Do you suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, or hyperactivity? Do you hide your emotions or are you suffering grief? This treatment uses energy from healing hands which are placed in your aura and on the body. The healing calms your nervous system, clears your mind and gives you a sense of wellbeing. You remain dressed for this treatment.
60 minutes £40.00, 90 minutes £60.00.


Do you suffer from ear wax, swimmers ear, sinus problems or snoring? Ear candling is an ancient tradition invented by native American hopi Indians.  The candle is a hollow tube made of natural products that is lit. It draws out wax and unblocks sinuses.  This treatment also includes a face massage.
45 minutes £40.00


Is your job, relationships, or life in general causing you stress?  Did you know that 75% of illness is caused by stress? This treatment relieves stress using the following methods - breathing techniques, reflexology, aromatherapy massage, acupressure and guided meditation.
60 minutes £45.00, 90 minutes £65.00


Need some me time or do you have problem skin? This facial consists of cleanse, tone, mask, and face-lift massage.  All products used are natural, organic and free from chemicals.
60 minutes £45.00


Does your face hold tension, or do you feel like it needs a boost?  This treatment increases circulation, lifts muscles and reduces tension.
30 minutes £20.00.


Do you suffer from headaches? This treatment can be carried out lying down or seated in a chair. Massage of the shoulders, neck, head and face is included.  This lifts tension, increases blood supply and reduces stress.
30 minutes £20.00.


Invite your friends over for a pamper party.  Choose your treatments such as back, neck and shoulder massage, natural facial, Indian head massage, reiki healing, ear candling, stress fix treatment and face lift massage.
From £12.00 for 20 minutes


Are you feeling stressed, or have too many thoughts in your mind, and you just can't relax or sleep?  Meditation teaches you how to use the breath and visualisation to take your mind away from worry, brings you peace and relaxation.  I teach groups and individuals.
15 minutes £8.00, 30 minutes £15.00


Are you feeling really broken, keep getting illnesses, or feeling so stressed its affecting your life, and perhaps you have bottled up emotion?  This treatment uses guided meditation to calm the mind, aromatherapy to relax the body, reflexology to rebalance the internal organs, and reiki healing to repair your spiritual wellbeing.
90 minutes £65.00, 180 minutes £120.00.

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